Chester area Trim and Molding

You've been thinking about remodeling a room in your Chester area area home. You've picked out the color, thought of some new additions like wall units and new flooring but for some reason the picture of the space in your mind seems a bit stark and plain. One possible reason for this is that you have not considered adding molding or trim to your interior.

In terms of interior remodeling, molding and trim are far more important for the feel of a room than we often give them credit for. The simplest way to understand this is to think of a frame on a painting. Think of a classic work of art. Now think of it with a neon pink picture frame. Doesn't do anything good to that painting does it? But the right frame, with a matching style and accenting color, will make the painting pop and enhance its visibility in a space without detracting from its original appeal. Trim and molding are like the frame for a painting, but for a room. Trim, casing and molding accent an otherwise bare wall, door frame, ceiling and more. The right color and design will carry a gaze towards where you would like people to look while pulling together all the other elements to make the room feel like a unified whole.

Old School Remodeling service is here to help the people of the Chester area area make their interiors into spaces that represent you and the kind of dwelling you want to live in. As trim and molding have a wide variety of different designs, colors and purposes it can be confusing to figure out what type is best for you. Not a problem. Old School Remodeling has more than 25 years of combined experience in all areas of remodeling. Give us a basic idea of what you are looking for to improve your Chester area area space and we will be glad to give suggestions to compliment your plans.

Two of the most popular types of trim and molding work we do are Crown Molding and Wainscot. Crown Molding creates a clear division between ceiling and wall, solidifying the dimensions of a room in a visually appealing way. Wainscot gives depth and texture to a painted wall and provides a space to tactfully bring another color element into a room. These are both great ideas to get that little extra you are looking for.

Besides Crown Molding and Wainscot, Old School Remodeling team performs a number of different trim and molding applications for the people of Chester area:

For more information on the help we can give you on your Chester area area remodeling project give us a call or send us an email. Old School Remodeling: Today's know how with yesterday's integrity.